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Image by sarandy westfall


Single-use cameras are lots of fun! They are perfect for special events like weddings, birthday parties and proms as well as for family, friend and pet shoots. 

When you bring your single-use camera to us we'll be able to get your pictures developed and printed!

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single use camera.png

Bring your single-use camera to our store and we'll take your camera from you to develop and print your photos!*


*This process may take a couple of days.


5X7 - 24 EXP


4X6 - 36 EXP

5X7 - 36 EXP

4X6 - 24 EXP




A love affair with the single-use camera

There's a magic to single-use cameras which can't be denied. Despite the fact that we nearly all have digital cameras that we carry around in our pockets, the charm of analogue photography will always have a special appeal. There's nothing quite like that distinctive, vintage look to a film developed photograph.

Single-use cameras were always designed to make film photography accessible, and this is still the case today. Capturing limited photographs in the moment is exciting and easy with a single-use camera. Just point and click, and then add the joy of anticipation until you pick up your special and unique photographs.

Next time you travel, go to a festival, host or get invited to a party take one of these with you in your pocket!

Image by Myriam Zilles
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